Blazers Maine Coon Cats and German Pinscher Dogs

Blazers (est.1985) has pedigreed, award winning Maine Coon cats and German Pinscher dogs. Lots of photos! Best Maine Coon SWregion CFA 1993. GPCA's Breeder-of-the-Year 1992 and 1993, founding member GPCA. Puppies and kittens available occasionally.

Maine Coons

Blazers has been showing and breeding Maine Coon cats in Southern California since 1985. We successfully show our Maine Coons in both The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). We strive to breed a very traditional Maine Coon cat: large boned, rectangular body, shaggy coat.

More information and photos of our Maine Coon cats are available.

German Pinschers

Blazers F-Troop Multi-Champion Blazers F-Troop

Blazers is the German Pinscher Club of America's (GPCA's) most honored breeder with more GPCA champions than any other breeder.

More information and photos of our German Pinscher dogs are available.


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