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[cute puppy photo, typical of our Dachshund puppies for sale]

Donmar Kennels (established 1965) has AKC Dachshunds. Puppies are home raised, handled and played with daily. A long term breeder, we have puppies for sale, usually by deposit, although puppies are available occasionally.

pedigreed miniature dachshund female
pedigreed mini dachshund male

Dachshund Breed Description:

The Dachshund name comes from the German words for "badger dog", where they were used to hunt badgers. The special characteristics of the breed such as the long powerful jaw, short powerfull legs for digging, supple skin and courageous attitude were all designed to aid in tunnelling underground after game. Yet today the dachshund does well in a house or apartment, where the short legs insure maximum exercise per mile. The Dachshund is affectionate and responsive, companionable and alert in announcing strangers. The breed has standard and minature sizes and three coat varieties: smooth; wirehaired; and longhaired. The minature size Dachshunds weigh up to 11 pounds; anything over 11 pounds is considered a standard Dachshund.

Examples of puppies available occasionally:

[six week old black and tan dachshund puppies in a basket] [six week old black and tan dachshund puppies] [dapple doxie puppy] [calico dachshund puppy] [red dachshund puppies (and a poodle)] [seven dachshund puppies] [long hair male dachshund puppy] [female long haired dachshund puppy]

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Donmar Farms and Kennels is a Southern California Dachshund breeder that can ship world-wide.

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