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Information about maine coons with lots of photos. Blazers, established in 1985, has award winning pedigreed cats, including the Best Maine Coon cat in the South West region of CFA in 1993. Although we no longer have kittens for sale, with all the cat photos and kitten photos on this page you can virtually walk through the house and see the cats. It may take a while for all of the pictures to load, but we are sure that you will find that the wait is worth it.

[kitten photo]
Maine Coon kittens.


I purchased my first Maine Coon kitten in 1984 -- just as a pet. When I received her pedigree from the breeder and saw all the Champions in my girl's lines, I just said to my husband "Do you think the Judges might like Minnie?". I entered my first cat show in 1985, having never even walked through a real show. At this show Minnie got her 6 winners ribbons which qualified her as a Champion and even got 2nd Best of Breed in one ring. Needless to say I was thrilled -- and hooked. I met a wonderful breeder by the name of Patricia Simpson who gave me the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association (MCBFA) Code of Ethics and also told me how to go about joining MCBFA. (Patricia was later the editor of MCBFA's magazine "The Scratch Sheet" for many years). It was nice to get started in the right direction by a very knowledgeable breeder. I have been breeding and showing Maine Coons ever since.

Our Objective is a large, healthy, typey and outgoing cat

We have produced many Grand Champions and Regional Winners in the two major cat associations: The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). I bred a very traditional Maine Coon: large boned, rectangular body, and shaggy coat. My males usually average 15 to 19 pounds, the females 12 to 15 pounds, after they are altered and mature.

I bred looking for my next outstanding show cat; yet I sold excellent quality kittens to pet homes at pet prices almost all the time (occasionally I sold to people who want to 'campaign' a show cat or to breeders who want to expand their 'gene-pool'). We have shipped kittens all over the USA, to Canada, Europe and also Japan. I have had sonograms done on cats in three generations of these lines to ensure that I am not breeding cats that are exhibiting Cardiomyopathy. All of our cats live in the house (we have an enclosed chain-link 'cat run' off of the back of the house, so the cats can get fresh air and sunshine).

Blazers Retired Big Boys

These good looking retired big boys are all examples of maturity, longevity, health and attitude. Photos at different ages show their many stages of development as they make subtile changes over the years.

[see the claw at upper right] [Sterling on coffee table]
Grand Champion (CFA and TICA) Blazers Sterling Silver was CFA's BEST Maine Coon in the Southwest Region in 1992-1993. Sterling is a large (17 pound) silver mackerel tabby. He is extremely people oriented, and lives loose in our computer room (he doesn't spray). He loves to sit on top of the monitor, where it's warm, and then he drapes his tail all the way across the screen and down to the keyboard. That way he knows he'll get picked up and become a lap cat or a purry furry wrist rest. (First photo was taken in a large outdoor enclosure at 7 years of age, second photo on coffee table at age 9.) Sterling's male kittens are averaging 15 to 19 pounds when mature and neutered, the girls are 12 to 15 pounds when spayed. I have had Sterling's heart sonogrammed and he is free of cardiomyopathy. Sterling's pedigree.

[Bobb Katt photo] [Bobb photo 2]
Triple Grand Champion (TICA) Blazers Bobb Katt was TICA's BEST brown mackerel tabby Maine Coon in the Southwest Region in 1993-1994. A Sterling Silver son, at age 5 years Bobb weighs 19 3/4 pounds and he is also extremely friendly and people oriented. (The photos were taken at age 5 years in an outdoor enclosure.) Bobb's pedigree.
[Bobb at 9 years]
Bobb at 9 years of age.

[Wishin at INCATS show]
Grand Premier Blazers Pink Champagne Wishes at CFA INCATS show in Los Angeles on June 8-9, 1996.
[Wishin on my shoulder]
Wishin is out of Grand Champion Blazers Sterling Silver and Champion Blazers Betsy Ross. At 21 months, Wishin was still trying to grow into those feet.
[Wishin in the grass] [another Wishin photo]
Wishin is now 4 years old in these photos and will admit to 20 pounds.
[Wishin is a hollywood model]
This is Wishin on the back cover of CAT FANCIER'S ALMANAC, (that's not me, she's a model).

[They call him Mister T]
Triple Gr. Ch. (TICA), Grand Pr. (CFA) Blazers Mister T, shown at age 6 years, is a brown mackerel tabby.
[Mister T staulking the camera] [Mr T waiting for a bird]
Mister T at 8 years old in the grass.
[Good buddies.]
Mister T - 10 years - (in front) and his buddy, Blazers Pfritz a 33 pound German Pinscher.
[Mr T at 12 years old]
Mister T at 12 years old.

[Matou in our large outdoor enclosure]
Triple Gr. Ch. Cajun Coons Brun Matou of Blazers, shown at 10 years in our outdoor enclosure, is a brown classic tabby. [Matou on his 14th birthday]
Matou on his 14th Birthday.

[Butch stalking] [Butch at 7 yrs.]
Blazers P Butchoko, a red classic tabby with white male, is out of Grand Ch. Blazers Sterling Silver and Charlemain P Rebecca. Photos of Butch at 3 years old on the left and 7 years old on the right.

[Jean Claude] [What fine teeth you have, young man]

Champion Blazers Jean Claude
, a brown classic male (9 months old in photos) out of TGC Blazers Bobb Katt and Dansway Lois L'Amor of Blazers. Jean Claude's pedigree.

[Lennox, son of China] [Lennox, at two and a half]
Champion Blazers Lennox, a brown classic tabby with white, is one year old in the first photo and two and a half years old in the second photo. Lennox is a son of Ch. Blazers China. Lennox's pedigree.

CFA Grand Champion Blazers Dawson of Pedropurrs (co-owned with Helen Johns) at one year old. Dawson, a brown classic tabby, is out of Blazers Methos and Blazers Twila.
[Showcats eat anything they want?] [Dawson at his first show.]
Dawson, shown at right, is 5 months old at his first cat show where he got several finals and a "Best in Show" kitten.

Blazers Young Guns

China at age one] [China at age two] Champion Blazers China, at one year on the left and two years on the right, is a brown classic tabby with white. China is a male out of Blazers P. Butchoko and Ch. Quakencats Aspen of Blazers. China's pedigree.

[4th best kitten at 5 months]
Champion Blazers Duncan
(shown at upper left at 5 months) was 4th best kitten overall at INCATS show on July 19-20 1997 in Anaheim, CA. Duncan {next photo below at one year, then two years, then 4 1/2 years} is a brown classic male out of TGC Blazers Bobb Katt and Blazers Autumn Mist. As an adult, Duncan is CFA's 2nd Best Brown Classic Tabby in the Southwest Region for 1997/1998. Duncan's pedigree
[Duncan at 1 year old] [Duncan at age 2] [Duncan at 4 and one half years]

[Blazers Methos] [Methos in sunbeam]
Blazers Methos
is a brown classic male out of Gr. Ch. Blazers Sterling Silver and Taraknoll Cotillon of Blazers. Methos' pedigree. He is the sire of CFA Grand Champions Blazers Banner and Blazers Dawson of Pedropurrs (shown below).

[CFA Grand Champion]
CFA Grand Champion Blazers Banner, photo at one year, is a brown classic with white tabby, out of Blazers Methos and Ch Blazers Silver Windchimes. Banner's pedigree.
[pedigreed cat in a tree]
Banner on a tree in our outdoor enclosure.

[male maine coon cat]
Blazers Billy, photo at one year, is a red classic tabby with white out of Champion Blazers China and Champion Blazers Talledaga.

[silver male maine coon cat] [silver mackerel maine coon]
Blazers Falcon, photos at one year, is a silver mackerel tabby out of Blazers Raven and Blazers Pia.

[male maine coon]
Champion Blazers Kevin is a brown mackerel male, out of Blazers Raven and Blazers Bit O'Honey.
[cat on a tree]
Kevin is sitting on a tree stump that is 20 feet high.

Blazers Girls

[Girls watching a bird] [The bird is leaving]
Eight month old girls in the outside enclosure doing some bird watching (in first photo), bird leaving in second photo.

[Twila at 18 months]

Blazers Twila
, shown at 18 months, is a brown classic tabby sired by Champion Blazers Jean Claude. Twila's pedigree.

[Indy at one year]
Champion Blazers Indian Paintbrush shown at one year, is sired by Champion Blazers Jean Claude out of Ch Blazers Betsy Ross. Indy is a brown classic patched with white girl. Indy's pegigree.

[Talley] [Talley]
Champion Blazers Talledaga, shown at seven months and also four years old, is sired by Blazers Methos out of Ch Blazers Indian Paintbrush. Talley is a brown classic patched with white girl like her mother. Talley's pedigree.

Blazers Thistle is two years old in this photo. Thistle is also a brown classic patched with white girl like her older sister Talley.

[Pia at 7 months] [Pia at 3 years]
Blazers Pia shown at 7 months and 3 years, out of Ch. Blazers Jean Claude and Ch. Blazers Silver Windchimes. Pia is a silver classic. Pia's pedigree.

[Girl kitten at 7 months]
Blazers Maggie (seven months old in photo) is a brown classic tabby out of Ch. Blazers Jean Claude and Blazers Autumn Mist. Maggie's pedigree.

[maine coon cat]
Blazers Bit O'Honey (3 1/2 years old in photo) is a brown mackerel tabby, out of Triple Grand Ch. Blazers Bobb Katt and Blazers May Ling. Bit O' Honey's pedigree.

[nice female maine coon]
Champion Blazers Miss Congenality at 1 1/2 years. Jeanie is out of Champion Blazers Duncan and Blazers Lalique.

Blazers Retired Girls

These beautiful girls are in our pedigrees, but are now spayed and living in new homes.

[Aurora at 12 weeks] [Aurora at 7 months] [Aurora at 3 and 1/2 years]
Champion Blazers Aurora shown at 12 weeks, 7 months and 3 1/2 years old, sired by Champion Blazers Jean Claude out of Blazers K5. She is a silver classic patched. Aurora's pedigree.

[maine coon]
Blazers Lalique (3 1/2 years old in photo) is a brown classic tabby with white, out of Ch. Blazers China and Taraknoll Cotillon of Blazers. Lalique's pedigree.

[nice mittens]
Blazers PollyAnna (shown at 15 months) is a brown mackerel patched tabby with white, out of Blazers P.Butchoko and Ch. Quakencats Aspen of Blazers. Pollyanna's pedigree.

[Who says girls don't get ruff?]
Blazers Chablis at 4 years. Chablis is a silver mackerel, out of Gr. Ch. Blazers Sterling Silver and Ch. Blazers Betsy Ross.

Blazers Kittens - examples of what we have produced

[Maine coon kitten.]
Eight week old brown classic with white kitten.

[two maine coon kittens.]
Five week old brown tabby kittens.

[Three bothers growing up.]

Three brothers, Flash at 4 months and both Panzer and Banner at 5 months. These boys are out of Blazers Methos and Ch. Blazers Silver Windchimes.

[Ten week old kittens.] [Now at seven months.]
Kittens at ten weeks in left photo out of Ch. Blazers Jean Claude and Ch. Blazers Silver Windchimes. The two silver classic female kittens on the right (Pia and Zadora, respectively) are shown again at seven months.

How will a new kitten get along with my cat?

The answer to this frequently asked question is shown in this photo of a 7 year old altered male, Blazers Haggis, and his new friend and companion, the four month old kitten Blazers Truffels. Haggis and Truffels live with John Emerson in Highland CA.

even the biggest maine coon cat can use a friend

Blazers Alumni Maine Coon cats

The Alumni page has 80 or more photos of Blazers maine coons who have gone to new homes in the last 20 years.

Blazers Maine Coon kitten photo gallery

There are lots more photos of beautiful maine coon kittens in our new kitten photo gallery.

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