Donmar Pomeranians

[cute puppy photo, typical of our pomeranian puppies for sale]

Donmar Kennels (established 1965) has AKC Pomeranians. Puppies are home raised, handled and played with daily. A long term breeder, we have puppies for sale, usually by deposit, although puppies are available occasionally.

Donmar's Dino

Pomeranian Breed Description:

The Pomeranian has descended from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. The name comes from Pomerania, which was not the place of origin, but perhaps where the breed was bred down in size. The Pomeranian was not well known until 1870 when it was recognized by the Kennel Club in England. The breed was first shown in the United States in the AKC Miscellaneous Class in 1892. The diminutive size, docile temper, sturdiness and a vivacious spirit make Pomeranians great pets and companions.

Puppies available occasionally

Example puppy photos:
parti color Pomeranian puppies
Eight week old parti color Pomeranian puppies.
[Donmar's Bratman]
[Donmar's Victoria]
[puppy attacks the feather] [alert puppy] [Donmars Definately Devine is definately a cute pom]

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Donmar Farms and Kennels is a Southern California Pomeranian breeder that can ship world-wide.

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