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Donmar Kennels (established 1965) has AKC Poodles. Puppies are home raised, handled and played with daily. A long term breeder, we have puppies for sale, usually by deposit, although puppies are available occasionally.

Toy poodle TV star

Our toy poodle, Cash, was carried by Jennifer Lopez in the opening act on the internationally televised 28th Annual American Music Awards. Cash weighs only six pounds. His puppies are available by reservation. [cute poodle] [toy poodle]

Poodle Breed Description:

The Poodle is an old breed and there is some doubt as to the land of its origin. The English word poodle undoubtedly comes from the German pudel meaning to splash in the water, which is quite appropriate because the poodle originated as a water retriever. The term `French' poodle was the result of the dog's great popularity in France. The Standard Poodle was widely used as a retriever and the custom of clipping the coat originated as a means to facilitate swimming in the water. This evolved into clipping the coat in various patterns to enhance the style and general appearance. The various clips are of course a matter of taste for the average owner, although specific patterns are required for the show ring. Poodles come in three sizes: Standard (over 15 inches high at the shoulder); Miniature (10 to 15 inches) and Toy (under 10 inches). All are one breed, governed by the same standard.

Puppys available:

Photos below are examples of puppies produced by Donmar Kennel, inquiries are welcome.

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Donmar Farms and Kennels is a Southern California Poodle breeder that can ship world-wide.

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